July 8th, 2009

me hello kitty HK

Wednesday July Eighth Two Thousand Nine

first of all, EIGHTH is a funny word to spell out. there can't be a lot of words with a "HTH" combo, can there? i can't think of any, but i'm sure i'll google it later.

secondly, i am tired and have been ill so this will hopefully be short.

i'm thinking my diet is making me sick. that's all i can figure anyhow. i'm going to be transitioning off of the medifast soon... and hopefully properly so i don't gain the weight back.

my friend amber is rad. she is giving me and my bff from ohio, jennifer, tickets to NO DOUBT for friday! her bf already had gotten tickets and she won some on the radio, so i am STOKED! jennifer is coming to visit YAY! amber also won lunch with PARAMORE which we will hopefully also be attending! WOOT.

now i just need to get well, lol. i called off my nannying job for tomorrow so i can rest up and feel better.

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