July 5th, 2009

me hello kitty HK

Sunday July Fifth Two Thousand and Nine

omg. yesterday was so fun, despite a little friend drama which is to be expected from this certain friend. it sucks that it's always an ordeal with her, but it is. she's just different now. she's so ignorant and racist now when she never used to be before she was married. it's annoying and pisses me off as my bf is black. it's also super retarded because she used to date a black guy, and a hispanic guy. i just want to slap her.

anyhow.... rania's baby is getting so big! he's almost 3 months now and so cute. it makes me want a baby of my own... *sigh*

despite the drama, i love hanging out with my girls. rania and kimmie are just plain good peeps. i know they will be there for me no matter what and that's i good feeling. i definitely don't get to hang out with them enough! especially kimmie since she lives across the country now, lol. i am thinking about going out to visit her for my fall break... i hope it works out!

ps- i totally didnt stay on my diet yesterday. i was a BAD girl!